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Are there different kinds of Electrolysis?

Are there different kinds of Electrolysis?

Proven Methods

‘Electrology’ is a term that can refer to ‘thermolysis’ and also ‘the blend’.  Both methods treat hairs individually with a probe but destroy the hair follicle in a different way.  Thermolysis creates heat in the hair follicle through application of radio frequency.  The Blend utilizes thermolysis as well but augments it with direct current.  Direct current by itself can also destroy hair but by creating a chemical reaction in the follicle which produces a by product that kills the root tissue.

Often technicians and subjects will have a preference for one of these methods, claiming  that one or the other is more effective, less uncomfortable and produces less skin reaction. There is little evidence that one method is superior to the other in all ways and each method has it’s supporters and detractors.   We do however believe that for certain hair types, the Blend has an advantage.

Marcia, our Blend expert and enthusiast has all possible instruments in her tool kit, including micro-vision for the finest of hairs,  specialized probes, desensitizing  techniques, and before and  after documentation.