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Laser hair removal (photo-thermolysis) has become the most popular method of permanent hair removal since it emerged in the 1990’s. This technology has been a true paradigm shift, making it possible to accomplish hair removal tasks hirsute women and men only dreamed of before.  Specific wavelengths of light are emitted that are able to target the black melanin (chromophore) of hair follicles instantaneously.  This results in the heating of the stem cells within the follicle and subsequent destruction of the hair.  Any hair follicle which has sufficient melanin to absorb the photons may be permanently destroyed.


When compared with electrolysis . . .

Laser has differences very important for the consumer to know.  Since laser can only target dark hair, it will not treat light coloured or fine hair. This is the main difference, and if unsure whether the hair is dark enough, several trials or treatments must be done.  Because it is more precisely targeted with a shorter exposure time than thermolysis (electrolysis), damage is confined to a smaller area, resulting in less inflammation and a shorter healing time than electrolysis.

Operator efficiency is not as big an issue with laser as with thermolysis, which requires a high degree of experience.  Critically, a laser treatment could result in severe burns if the skin of the subject is too dark, as a dark skin can also become a target.  Settings must always be adjusted to the skin colour.  Type 4 skins are generally safe to treat depending on the laser, but type 5 must be done with extreme caution.  Tanned skins also must be evaluated before treatment. 


Is one more permanent than the other?

The short answer is no.  All hair destroyed by either method  is equally dead.  In ectrolysis, the probe makes actual contact with the root and so can destroy any type of hair, while laser which is non-invasive, can only destroy sufficiently dark hair.



This is the  newest addition to our laser line.    It  is a Syneron/Candela technology manufactured in North America and  used world wide in Cosmetic and Surgical Centres.  It employs 2 different wavelengths, the Alexandrite 755 nm and the Yag 1064 nm.  These 2 wavelengths penetrate to different depths in the skin and make it possible to target the shallow as well as the deepest hairs. 

The Yag wavelength passes through the epidermis without targeting the pigment in it, a quality that lends it to treating darker skins.

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