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Our ELOS technology

Our ELOS technology

Having used and offered Elos technology for 10 years with outstanding results….we now offer the Motif Vantage, which optimizes an 810 diode, gold standard for laser hair removal. It uses the same dual synergistic energy (RF electrical energy combined with laser optical energy) but with some some game changing innovations, innovations you have asked for! With these changes it possible for the Motif to treat large areas in minutes with less discomfort, and improved results.

We’ve now got a treatment spot 4 times as large that can move over your body 5x times faster than before. It is still an advantage to have darker hair and lighter skin combination, but not so much anymore. The 810 wavelength diode, combined with a larger spot size and RF energy is able to achieve quick results on darker skin types and finer hair as well.

Please call us if you would like to have a free trial. Our consultations give you valuable information and are not sales oriented. No matter what technology we use, we’re dedicated to using it optimally, and providing you with absolutely the best hair removal it is capable of!