50% price reduction? . . . . tell me more

50% reduction with multiple areas

Multiple areas

Up to 50% price reduction of additional areas is possible

If you treat multiple areas in one session you will receive a discount with each additional area.  It’s also based on time used and since everyone’s different..we may need to evaluate you to give you a final price plan. Generally, this is how it works. The largest area will be factored at full price. The next size is reduced 20%, and all additional areas are 50% off.

Discount your areas by buying a package

You may purchase a package of 4 or 5 for an additional discount of 15% or 6 or more for 20%. A payment plan is available.  In addition when you are treating multiple areas in one session you can achieve discounts up to 50%!  Some areas may require a consultation for an accurate quote in which case the listed price could decrease or increase.  Most areas will be satisfactorily completed within 6 – 8 sessions.

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