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How many sessions will I need

How many sessions will I need

Typically, you will need between 5 and 8 sessions to get close to your target

Some may experience satisfactory results in a couple of sessions whereas others  prove to be slow responders, requiring multiple more.   Factors like skin and hair colour are important, but results often surprise. The areas that respond best are, bikini lines, underarms, legs, or any other areas which are not under hormonal influence. Once the hair is gone, (for more than 6 months) it will for the most part never return. Areas like the female face or the male back tend to need more maintenance treatments because new hairs appear as we age in these areas.

Although the degree of  responsiveness can not be guaranteed in advance,  our free consultations offer a test site treatment.  This may provide the individual with evidence of the response rate.

We suggest a certain regime of treatments, but you are never obligated to adhere to this. In each session you will permanently lose a percentage of your hair which will never return. For facial areas, we suggest coming every 6 – 8 weeks. For body areas, every 2 months. This is partly because body hair has a longer growth cycle than does facial hair. Facial hair is also more visible, therefore more frequent treatments keep you feeling more confident.

We believe that spacing your treatments closer together as many spas recommend is a more aggressive approach and therefore has merit.  We will not discourage this, but we also know that many treated hair follicles will not begin their life cycles as quickly as they are ‘scheduled’ to.  We advise that waiting a longer time will be more cost effective in the end because of fewer total treatments needed.


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