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What happens after a laser treatment?

What happens after a laser treatment?

After care

Normally your skin will look a little pink or reddish immediately afterwards for 10-30  minutes or so.  If you are having facial work done, you will be fine to go out right afterwards.  If your hair growth is very coarse and dense, you may remain somewhat red until the next day.  It is usually less disruptive than waxing.

Very occasionally, if the hair is extremely deep or coarse, some of the follicles may become inflamed for a few days. You may apply anti-inflammatory medication or any  product used for acne.  Do not take a hot shower if your skin is still warm,  have a cool shower or  sponging  instead.  In very rare cases, a reaction similar to a heat rash, involving redness, swelling and itchiness may result.  You may apply cortisone.  More commonly, laser is beneficial for acne or pimples, or in-grown hairs.  It may even have a beneficial effect on psoriasis.

You should stay out of the sun for a few days or so until you are sure that you have not received any burns as  burns don’t always show up until the following day.  As discussed under “concerns”, there is a very slight chance, if your skin is quite dark, that you could receive a burn.  A burn could heal completely in a few days or take a few months if it was severe.  However, if you have medium dark skin, you are not generally at risk.

Your hair may begin to shed (fall out) a few days after your treatment.  It will continue to grow slightly as it sheds.  You may not notice this shedding process unless you pay close attention.  You may continue to shave or use a depilatory cream, but do not remove otherwise.  About 1 – 3 weeks after your treatment your hair will be finished shedding.

The majority of your hair should have disappeared. This is not the amount that will stay away however.  Somewhere between 10% and 35% of your shed hair will not ever return.  You will notice the surviving hair returning in about 6 -12 weeks and you will need another treatment when it appears to have finished growing in.  If there is still very little hair showing at 12 weeks, then you should wait a few more weeks to allow for slow growth. At this point if the hair growth is obviously reduced, that would mean you had a good response, or, it may appear to be “all back” which is what clients usually say, if the response has been less than 25% reduction.  It is very difficult to accurately judge the actual decrease of hair by trying to remember what you started with.  Reduction becomes more obvious with each treatment.

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