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Laser prices

Laser prices

Cost per session

You may purchase a package of 4 or 5 for a discount of 15% or 6 or more for 20%. A payment plan is available.  In addition when you are treating multiple areas in one session you can achieve discounts up to 50%!  Some areas may require a consultation for an accurate quote in which case the listed price could decrease or increase.  Most areas will be satisfactorily completed within 6 – 8 sessions.

Face (not inl. forehead) >$125.00
Half Face $90.00
sideburns $60.00
Upper Lip $50.00
Chin $60.00
Upper Lip and chin $80.00
neck >$60.00
Underarms $80.00
Lower arms $150.00
fingers or toes $50.00
Basic Bikini Line $80.00
brazilian >$125.00
brazilian extended $175.00
buttocks >$200.00
lower legs $175.00
Thighs >$175.00
Man’s full back $250.00
Regions of the back >$100.00
shoulders >$125.00
Full chest >$175.00
Abdomen >$175.00
Full front torso $250.00
Complete torso >$400.00
Full male beard $150.00
Touch-ups (Legs and other body parts) subject to consultation


Electrolysis prices