How long will it take?

The most popular area for treatment with electrolysis in men is beard sculpting

6 – 18 months (with regular treatment)

When receiving efficient treatment regularly for a any area, 75% of the offending hairs can be eliminated within the first four to six months.  The key is clearing the area once every two weeks.  If the hairs are too numerous to clear that frequently, or treatments are irregular, then completion time will be delayed accordingly.

Individual results differ of course, because of variations in skin sensitivity and hair types, and causes of growth, but most cases are fairly predictable.  Electrolysis will not usually result in permanence after one treatment. This could be the case with fine hairs but not with coarser hairs.

If current were applied with the intensity needed to destroy 100% of hairs in one treatment, skin might also be damaged.   A safe amount of current must be used and one which is tolerable.  Effectiveness, unfortunately, is also reduced when the current is reduced. That is why permanence is achieved gradually with a series of treatments.

How many treatments is a ‘series’?  Non aggressive growth may need 2 treatments.  Large, tough areas may need dozens of treatments.  It’s easier to predict the total number of hours needed rather than the  number of treatments. 

Treatment frequency will vary depending on the quantity and aggressiveness of the hair.  In general, as long as the total hair number of hair being targeted is cleared once a month, good progress will be made.  As the hair population diminshes, treatment time and frequency will reduce accordingly.

Will regularity of treatment compromise results?  If your electrologist suggests that you should come in every two weeks at first, but you can only make it in once a month, are you forfeiting results?  Not really.  Although you are prolonging completion, the total number of treatment hours will remain the same provided there is no hormonal interference.

Most personal maintenance services are a life long occurrence.  Permanent hair removal requires only your weekly or monthly attention for an average of 6 – 18 months.

Other faqs

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