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Discomfort and other concerns

Discomfort and other concerns

The sensation you experience  is dependent on several factors

….the area treated, the amount of hair in that area, power settings and individual tolerance levels. The intensity may be compared to that of waxing. The type of sensation may be compared to snapping of a rubber band on your skin, or you may feel heat. Usually, if you can tolerate waxing procedures, you can tolerate this.  If you’re apprehensive, a product we recommend as an analgesic is 5% Lidocaine which you can be purchased yourself at the pharmacy or from this salon.

A common concern is that of skin discolouration. This could occur as a result of a burn which could happen if the skin is too dark for the power setting, or hyper-pigmentation due to irritation of the hair follicle.  An introductory session will assess your skin type.  Medium dark skins (type 4) or lighter are generally not at risk. Darker skins may still be treated, but with in moderation resulting in less efficiency.

Individuals may be a higher risk if they are on certain photo-sensitizing medications such as Acutane or Retinols.   If you are receiving  medication, we need to know.

Is laser contraindicated during pregnancy?  There is a consensus that any type of therapeutic laser can be safely provided to pregnant women.  Because hair growth is often hormonally diminished during pregnancy,  these delayed hairs may need to be treated if they return after the course of laser has been completed.

Does Electrolysis hurt?