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Looking for an electrologist?

Looking for an electrologist?

If you would like to learn more about electrolysis, please take advantage of the courtesy consultation we offer. Consultations provide individual information and also offer a demonstration. The demo will help you judge the quality of the treatment you will be paying for.

The operator should be concerned about what you have been doing with your hair up to now, i.e. shaving, waxing, or tweezing, and the last time you removed any hair. This information is imperative in order for her to evaluate and predict your hair growth, as well as giving estimates.

She should not tell you that you are going to be an “especially tough case” because you have tweezed or because your hair roots are “distorted.” Even very tough hairs are rarely distorted. The coarsest of hairs can become so without ever being plucked, and the most plucked hair may remain fine.

You should not feel that the needle is piercing the skin. In a proper insertion, the needle passes down the hair pore, Although you may be aware of the insertion, it should not be painful. There should be no bleeding at the point of insertion.


If a hair has been adequately treated, it will disengage easily from the follicles. You should definitely feel heat or pinch of the current but it should not be intolerable.  The stronger the hair or the more sensitive the area, the more distinctly the current will be felt. The stronger the current being used, the better the results will be.

The operator should not promote products which claim to reduce or retard hair growth.

Your operator should be willing to give you an estimate of the cost involved in your case. Although it is impossible to know the exact figure, it is equally impossible for an experienced electrologist who keeps good records not to be able to make an educated guess.

You’re not convinced? Ask for three referrals to customers who have had work done that’s similar to yours, and call them!